Full Roll Cage

Regular price $1,250.00

Please contact us if you are interested in this product.

Full cages are built to the customer's choice of sanctioning body rulebook - Formula Drift, NASA, SCCA, NHRA or anything else that you may need. Materials used are based off the rules and what bending dies I have. Currently I am able to work with 1.75" DOM steel tubing which meets the needs of majority of rulebooks.  My cages are mig welded, so I am unable to work with chromoly at this time.

It is the customer's responsibility to determine which rulebook specs are needed in order for the cage to be built to proper specs.  If you need help determining this, I can assist you with your decision. Ultimately the decision is yours as to what you want and need. 


The price listed is for a minimum spec 6 point cage (8 point for NHRA). 

Anti-intrusion bars (required for FD) - $150 total

Gussets - $50 per gusset. *If you want A pillar gussets going down the windshield on each side, the total additional cost would be $100*

Any other addition - $50 per tube. *If you're adding an X, there will be a diagonal tube that is 1 piece. The other diagonal which intersects this tube will be 2 pieces. Making for a total of 3 tubes. The total additional cost would be $150*


Once an appointment is scheduled, please have the following prepared prior to drop off:

  • Drivers seat set in your driving position
  • Front windshield removed
  • Carpet removed
  • Car must be clean inside and out

If you are unable to trailer your car and need to drive it to me, please inform me so we can discuss and plan accordingly.

A $500 non refundable deposit is required at the time of vehicle drop off.

All cages are designed using the latest CAD software.  Before any construction begins, this design will be shared with you for your review and approval.

Please contact me at TechnickSlide@gmail.com for an accurate quote and for scheduling. If you have any questions please let me know.